Montessori Primary Curriculum (ages three to six)

As with the toddler curriculum, the primary students are taught based on ability, and not by age. The preschool classroom functions as a 3 Year Kindergarten allowing students to progress at their own pace. By spending 3 years with the same teachers, their interests and personalities are known, and students are engaged. At the primary level, each child is looked upon as an individual and is presented a curriculum unique to their ability and learning level. For this reason, some of the three- and four-year-old students are fluently reading and/or performing complex mathematical equations, while others are still working on building the skills needed for advanced academics. Each child is given the opportunity to progress at their pace, and they are each able to take time away from their academics when needed by creating beautiful artwork, maps, puzzles and other outlets for creativity. The classrooms buzz with wonderful, creative energy and learning.

Students are given lessons in small groups and individually based on ability. Monthly units are presented to the whole class such as: Peace, the continents, the Solar System and the Human Body. Students are also exposed to practical life, sensorial materials and building appropriate fine and gross motor skills.

Specific Objectives for Primary Students

Primary students at Hilltop Montessori study practical life skills, sensorial skills, language skills, math, science, and history. Click each category below to see specific objectives for preschool students to master over the course of the 3 year cycle.