Our teachers utilize the following guidelines to determine classroom readiness for each individual child at the completion of each Montessori cycle. We realize that not all children (particularly those new to Montessori) will have mastered all of these skills but these are evaluated as part of the regular assessment process. As one might imagine, mastery of a certain number of the skills listed is important for advancement and success in the next classroom but individual strengths and weaknesses are taken into account.

Preschool Readiness *

Kindergarten Readiness *

First Grade Readiness *

Fourth Grade Readiness

Seventh Grade Readiness *

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Montessori Goals: The school utilizes a comprehensive Montessori report that charts each child’s progress from toddler through middle school as it relates to specific goals in a Montessori classroom. Although these goals vary based on developmental level, a brief summary of desired outcomes are written below:

  • Begins work promptly illustrating intrinsic motivation and a love of learning.
  • Participates in lessons, in small or large groups.
  • Listens carefully, follows verbal directions to the best of the child’s ability.
  • Handles materials and classroom work responsibly.
  • Shows respect for classmates, faculty and parent volunteers.
  • Accepts correction with needed and accepts responsibility for accomplishing goals.
  • Learns how to work in an organized manner.
  • Takes pride in work accomplished.
  • Works well independently.
  • Works well with others in cooperative learning activities.
  • Follows classroom guidelines.
  • Evidence of parental support.