Dorothy Ewing

Dot Ewing CGMS Montessori Certification, School Leadership Working in Management and Leadership since 2000 Employed at HMS since 2022

Cindi Stehr

Dot Ewing Bachelor of Arts in Biology AMS (American Montessori Society) certification for ages 3-6 students Educating children since 1991, Employed at HMS since 1996

Dama Nichols Thornton

Dot Ewing Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education Masters in Education AMS (American Montessori Society) certification for ages 6-9 Educating children since 1998, Employed at HMS since 1999

Theresa Fox

Dot Ewing Bachelor of Business Administration and Finance Working in Financial, Business, and Management since 2003 Employed at HMS since 2003

Shiela Jones

Dot Ewing