HMS Students Are Back!

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Our Montessori Reboot Program is going beautifully and if anyone has doubts about accomplishing social distancing, masks, and other CDC guidelines in a small school, don’t worry! Our students were so thrilled to see each other again, get back into the work cycle, and reconnect. By the second day of carpool, they happily jumped out for their temperature checks and … Read More

Fox on Campus

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We have had two sightings on campus this month of this beautiful fox. I wonder if she’ll be here in July when the children arrive back?

The Show Must Go On!

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Our drama club got caught short by the COVID-19 situation and had to end their play virtually! Special shout out to Ms. Amy and Ms. Stephanie for making this happen for the HMS Drama Club! Click here to watch the show:

Middle School Sendoff!

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Our middle school totally gets the social distancing thing so we were thrilled to give them a send-off in front of the school on what would have been their graduating day. A short car parade, followed by individual recognition for a job well done with plans to connect later in the summer was all part of the morning! To say … Read More

Celebrating the Season

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Signs went up today in all of our kindergarten students’ yards as we celebrated our kindergarten class a little differently this year! They were just as proud as we were of their accomplishments and although this isn’t our usual tradition, it might be a new one!

Pets and Pajamas Day!

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Our Pets and Pajamas Day was so enjoyable as we were able to see how happy and engaged our students are with their distance learning plan, and of course, become more familiar with everyone’s pets and their PJ’s! It was interesting to see how many cat owners we have vs dog owners, as well as seeing the stuffed pets, mice … Read More

Hilltop is Healthier!

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We long for the day when our students return to campus, although we truly enjoy our online distance learning experiences. Although it is as personalized and flexible as possible, we do look forward to seeing our smiling students for the entire day. As we look forward to the future, we do take pause to thank our original building committee for … Read More

HMS Education:

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Even complex mathematical concepts are made concrete in a Montessori classroom. This group is exploring the volume of a sphere through their hands! A Hilltop Montessori education is engaging, interactive and challenging-all at the same time! #hilltoplearns

Spanish Plays!

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The upper elementary class and Ms. Graciela hosted all the primary-middle school today on the stage for three fabulous plays. All in Spanish of course! Written and performed by our students and facilitated by Ms. Graciela, it was a HIT!