Montessori Elementary

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Montessori Elementary- The Second Plane Ages 6-12 years old are in what Maria Montessori calls the “Second Plane of Development”. As parents, we can see the shift in behaviors and thinking of our children from preschool to elementary. Our children begin to acquire and refine new skills, and they go from asking “why” to asking “how”. Montessori elementary is when … Read More

Education for the whole child

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There’s a hidden curriculum in a Montessori classroom. From the very beginning, a Montessori teacher’s aim is to build confidence, self esteem and foster the development of executive functioning skills so children succeed in rising to their potential. At Hilltop, we believe that there should be more to school than strict academics.  Supporting the student as a developing adult is … Read More

Daycare or Montessori?

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Did you know that children form more than a million neural connections in their first two years of life? From birth, they are constantly growing, adapting, and learning from their environment. They don’t do any of that learning from behind a desk or table. After all, how could they? But for some reason around 5 and 6 years old we … Read More

No Grades? How Do HMS Students Measure Up?

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Many parents enroll their child in a Montessori preschool with the expectation that they will go to a “real” school for Kindergarten and up. We implore you to stay. If the goal is for children to be happy, confident, curious young adults that are academic high-achievers, they are already in the right place.

Hilltop Serves Day April 16th

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Classes will be collecting items for animal shelters, making kits for the homeless, picking up trash around Mt. Laurel, and many, many others. This is a chance for our students to give back to our community.

Time to Think About Summer!

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Summer is right around the corner and it’s time to think about how to assist your child during the hottest months of the year. Enjoy a HMS one week summer session and head to the pool in the afternoon! Click here for registration:

Working on Hilltop Herd Immunity! One vaccination appointment at a time!

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COVID-19 Updates: So far, 4 faculty members have completed both sets of the vaccine and 9 more have started the process or are scheduled. It’s been an exciting time and we are thrilled! As more faculty members complete the entire series of vaccines, we will continue to update you as we hope to reach Hilltop Herd Immunity!

Congrats, Moiz!

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Announcing the winner of the HMS Spanish Spelling Bee, Moiz! What was the winning word you ask? It was ELECTROENCEFALOGRAFIA! Congratulations to all that competed and to Moiz for a job well done. #hilltoplearns

So Proud of our Students:

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We are always so proud of our young scientists and especially this year! Grayson tackled the science behind mask use and we couldn’t be more proud. HMS has many current students and alumni that go on to compete scientifically not just at UAB, but statewide and nationally. Seeing them continue their interests in science and research makes our teacher’s hearts … Read More

COVID-19 Transmission in Schools Relatively Low

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A new study out of North Carolina has provided evidence that COVID transmission in a school setting is relatively low, provided all the health protocols are followed. HMS developed a comprehensive back-to-school plan that includes mask use for ages three and above, daily screenings, and much more but it’s working well. Although we all yearn for what will be a … Read More