Hilltop Chopped Jr!

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One of our popular live auction items at our “Light the Flame of Learning Bash” was the opportunity to compete in our teaching kitchen in an episode of Hilltop Chopped! Special thank you to the Basquill and Spensley families for supporting the school, Ashley Gann for hosting, Nick Erebia for filming and editing, our judges (Ashley Pigford, Chef Josh of Alloy Thai and Wendy Cruse of Eats Highland). In keeping with the Montessori philosophy, we also had teacher sous chefs available so the contestants could experience success (Ms. Dama, Ms. Theresa, Ms. Cindi and Ms. Michele). Special shout out to Ms. Shiela for making the Chopped baskets and trophies and Savannah Pigford for keeping the time clock!

Click here to watch the full episode:

Hilltop Chopped!