As part of Hilltop Montessori School’s third and final expansion, Hilltop Montessori School will offer our gymnasium as an after school hours resource to the Mt Laurel community and our immediate neighbors. While the students will use the teaching kitchen and gymnasium for some aspects of the school day, our vision for this space is a shared partnership. The new “Mt Laurel Community Center” will permit us to offer convenient, morning exercise classes for parents, after school education for children and a venue for small events in the area. As a sign of gratitude, residents and businesses in the Mt Laurel community will be permitted to rent the space for after hours activities without cost, beyond cleanup of their event. We hope this area will be a gathering place for the school community, as well as our neighbors in the area. ┬áSpecifically, the expansion’s programming will include:

*An expanded music and art area, including a stage for performances that can be utilized for the students during the school day and the community at night, weekends, summers and holidays.

*A teaching kitchen, which will serve our students locally grown lunches modeled after Alice Water’s Edible SchoolYard in Berkeley, California but that will also offer a venue for the community for cooking demonstrations with local chefs and events.

*With an emphasis on a healthy lifestyle, the area will offer early morning exercise classes for adults, and improved after school activities related to sports and fitness for our student body.

Naming opportunities still exist for our Phase Three Expansion. Contact our development office for more information at 437-9343. Specifically, the school is still in the fundraising process for the kitchen appliances.

We are also in the middle of our 2017 Annual Fund Campaign, which will assist us with new furniture and kitchen supplies so if you would like to donate, use the link below and as always, all donations are tax deductible: